Lisbon Destination Hostels Review

Lisbon Destination Hostels Review

Lisbon is the charming capital of Portugal situated along the Atlantic coast. The hilly city still seems to be a little secret not being too overcrowded by tourists, despite its charm as a cosmopolitan but also a city still very attached to its Portuguese roots. Being a big city close to the sea it offers something for everyone. Whether you want to surf or sunbath, visit museums, just get lost in the cobble stone streets, do shopping or party until dawn- Lisbon offers it all.

The Destination Hostels is a chain of three very modern hostels that are situated in different locations in the city. Each one has been uniquely designed and the location gives each hostel a different vibe. The hostels do work very closely together and organize events nearly every day of the week in different locations where everyone is invited to participate. I got the chance to stay in all three hostels of the Destination Hostel chain and got a good overall impression of there uniqueness. If you want to know which one is the right one for you, keep reading.

The Lisbon Destination Hostel

This hostel is a very modern and sophistcated hostel in the heart of the city. The hostel is located on Restaurodores square in the historical Rossio train station. This building is a beautiful piece of architecture with a lovely designed facade which will make your yaw drop just by seeing the outside and then again when you enter the hostel. It has been just newly renovated and offers newly designed bedrooms and a cozy communal space to hang out, socialize and also to recharge your batteries after a long day. With bean bags, hammocks and comfortable chairs it is the centre of the hostel and the place where everyone gets together. The hostel also has a very nice kitchen that invites you to cook your own food, as well as having free breakfast included- which I think is great, so you can already start the day on a full stomach. The reception is open 24 hours and if you have any inquiries or questions about Lisbon, the staff is always very friendly and helpful to show you where to go and what to see during your stay.

This hostel is for you if…

You are looking for a modern hostel in the city center from where you can reach the sights, the bars and the shops by foot just in a few minutes. With rooms that can easily compete with the standard of any hotel you will get a good rest to start the day of exploring full with energy.

The Sunset Destination Hostel

This hostel is a very cool home for all the travelers that also like to party and relax during the day. It is situated in the architectural heritage building of the Cais do Sodré train station, a building full of history. The special thing about this hostel is truly the rooftop terrace surrounded by sunflowers and an urban garden with a great view over the Tagus river, sea and the 25 de Abril bridge, an almost similar bridge to the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. Lisbon has warm summers and mild winters, so you can definitely relax on the terrace almost all year round, enjoy a swim in the pool or enjoy a drink from the bar which is open until 12 pm each day. On the terrace you will also find a gym and a massage facility which none of the other hostels have, making sure that you come back from your holiday being suntanned and totally relaxed and in balance with yourself or that you never want to leave this place. This hostel also offers its guest a kitchen, free breakfast and a 24 hour reception, making sure that no wishes will be left open.

This hostel is for you if…

You also like to take a time out from sightseeing and want to have a relaxed holiday. The rooftop terrace with the pool and the bar will definitely cater your needs or if you like to enjoy a cold drink after a long day of walking around and see the sun set over the sea. The BBQ and pool party they organize will also keep you entertained.

The Alfama Patio Hostel

Situated in the beautiful Alfama district, Lisbon’s oldest district with narrow and labyrinth like streets, this cosy hostel has a charm on its own. Being the smallest of the three hostels it does feel very personal and familiar. The hostel is a traditional Portuguese house that has a beautiful garden where guest can enjoy the calmness and solitude of this district and talk to fellow travelers. Their lovely designed deck terrace is also a nice spot to hang out from where you have a good view over the red roofs of the city and the Tagus river. Here guest are free to use the kitchen and also get to enjoy a freshly cooked breakfast every morning- the pancakes they make are just fantastic and always a reason why I would want to come back.

This hostel is for you if… 

You like a smaller and more personal hostel, are traveling solo and want to meet other travelers, but also if you are traveling as a couple or family and looking for a quieter place to stay in a charming, historical district. The walk in the city does take around 15 minutes and will take you past beautiful houses, shops, Fado bars and restaurants. A good reason to choose this hostel for me is definitely that you get the chance to experience staying in a really authentic and traditional neighborhood of Lisbon.

My personal overview

During my time in Lisbon I enjoyed staying at all three of the Destination Hostels and getting to know each unique concept. I did like the fact that even though they were different in style, they worked very closely together making it possible that all guests can also spend the day in another hostel and bringing the people together during the their tours and changing events like a Portuguese dinner, a BBQ or the fun pub crawl. I would come back to all of them, however the Alfama Patio hostel definitely was my favorite of all three since Alfama is a very magical, old district of Lisbon. The hostel being quite small compared to the others it was easier to bring people together and most evenings all the guess would sit in the beautiful garden and share a story and some drinks. Of course in all the hostels the staff have been extremely helpful and welcoming and they made sure that we had the best stay possible. Furthermore the Destination Hostels have a great policy that they are all very environmentally friendly and try as much as possible to save water and electricity- trying to keep their carbon footprint as low as possible. Lisbon is one of my must visit places in Europe and staying and the Destination Hostels will guarantee that you are going to have a great time.

Traveler’s little Treasures was welcomed as a guest to the Destination Hostels, however my opinion is like always, my own.

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