My stay in one of the coolest individual hotels: NALA, Innsbruck

My stay in one of the coolest individual hotels: NALA, Innsbruck


A hotel that is extraordinary and different to the usual is something I always look for. When I am staying in a hotel I am not only looking for a comfortable bed to get a good night sleep, I am looking for something more than that. And I am not alone with that opinion. Lots of people are searching for individuality and the trend goes away from classic hotels. New concepts are wanted.

The NALA hotel is the perfect example of a generation of modern, individual boutique hotels and one of a kind in Innsbruck. They gave the former Mozart hotel, a hotel from the 50s that has been getting on in years, a complete makeover and it has newly been opened under the name NALA.

Its design really appealed to me: No room is like the other, all of them have different themes and designs. There are several categories of rooms to choose from, there is the standard, a deluxe room, suites or garden apartments. With so many different choices, a room for your individual taste will be easy to find.

What room I was going to get was a surprise, so I was really curious when stepping in the lobby of the NALA. I took a seat on an old cinema chair and while waiting to get checked in, I was looking around the lobby and the first impression was: Wow! This for sure is going to be a unique stay.

When the receptionist was ready to check me in, the room which I was going to get was revealed: The next two nights I would be staying in the Snow White room. The only one of that kind in the hotel. Inspired by the snowy mountains that surround Innsbruck, everything in the room was kept in white. This was a room like no other I have stayed in. Keeping the room in only one color worked really well and looked very tasteful. The highlights of the room were the big TV screen, a comfortable and huge armchair and a nespresso machine (yipiieh!).


Stepping out on the small balcony, I could enjoy a panoramic view over the so called North-chain covered in snow, the garden of the hotel and a rooftop terrace. Surely that must be a lovely hang out spot when the weather is good.


The hotel has put a lot of thought in a concept considering the needs of its guest which is visible in a lot of things. Instead of a mini bar there is a fridge in the room that can be filled up with your own things, if you want to buy a snack or a drink there is a vending machine for that. There are comfortable meeting areas on every floor. The cosmetic products in the room are all natural. And if you want to read, a kindle can be borrowed at the reception and there are still a lot of other small things that make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Before getting a tour of the hotel I wanted to have a quick bite to eat and checked tripadvisor for restaurant recommendations. I was positively surprised that the Beretta restaurant that is joined with the NALA is one of the top restaurants of the city. So you don’t have to go very far to enjoy a fabulous meal. Especially the ravioli are to die for and they have a great selection of wines. The breakfast buffet is also in the restaurant every morning and for 15 euros you can choose from many delicious things including many Italian delicacies that you won’t find in other hotels. Not only the hotel guest are starting the day with a filling breakfast here, also a lot of locals come to have breakfast too. On Sunday a big brunch can be enjoyed. If you are in a hurry there is a small breakfast to go that you can grab for only 5 Euros.


On my tour I got to see all the different rooms and truly none was like the other, only NALA- a figure representing the soul of the house, can be found everywhere as painting or a little figurine. The love for detail is visible in the architecture and design of the rooms and each room I stepped in managed to suprise. The Pan Oh Rama Suite was my favorite with a free standing bath tub that can be reached by climbing up some stairs and from there you have a great look over the mountain range.

To sum it up this hotel is for everyone looking for something special close to the center of the beautiful city Innsbruck.

Would I come back? Yes – definately!

nala individuellhotel

Rooms from 85 Euros

Traveler’s Little Treasures was a guest to this hotel, however my opinion is as always, my own.




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