Big News: I am moving! Bye, bye Germany.

Big News: I am moving! Bye, bye Germany.

While writing this post I am sitting at the gate here at Munich airport. I just returned from a rotation to Punta Cana which ended here. Usually I would head back to my home base Frankfurt now, drive 20 minutes to my apartment and would change immediately from my uniform into my PJs and go to bed.

This time it will be different. My time in Frankfurt has come to an end.

The last couple of weeks I have been rather quiet on my blog and social media, because I was preparing for the big move. Packing boxes, throwing out a lot of things, looking for new furniture. You know how it goes. I have never thought how tiring it all would be. Flying and arranging the move on my off-days.

I am sitting here with my suitcase that is so full, that I could barely close it. Most of my things are luckily already at the new place. I am anxious and happy at the same time. Curious what will await me and how life will be in a new country.

On Saturday I handed over my key and had a last glimpse at an empty room that was my home for the past three years. I was never in love with Frankfurt at first sight. But as time passed and I knew my way around I actually didn’t find it too bad after all. On one of my last evenings in Frankfurt I walked along the Main river and had a look at the skyline and I was actually a bit sad that I was leaving. But no turning back now.

A lot of you asked my where I am moving to and why?

So let’s start from the beginning: about two years ago I spent one week cruising around Phuket on a motorbike, exploring this beautiful Thai island on my own. One evening I was lost, looking for my hostel in Old Town Phuket. My search was not really successful and I asked a group of backpackers for help. We ended up spending the evening in a bar listening to live music and sharing stories over some Chang beers.

With one guy from the group I  got on very well and we discussed for hours about travel and life in general. He left to Phi Phi island the next day and I had to catch a flight to Malaysia.

During his 4 month long adventure backpacking in South East Asia we stayed in touch and he visited me in Frankfurt after he was back from his journey. And this is how it all started basically and the reason why I am moving after all 🙂

For the last two years we had a long-distance relationship, trying to visit each other in Holland or Germany or taking trips together to places we both haven’t been yet.

That explains all my pictures from the Netherlands on instagram finally 🙂

It was certain that one of us had to make a move at some point and since I am quite flexible with my job as a flight attendant- it had to be me.

I will call Rotterdam my new home from now on and hope I will manage to learn Dutch quite soon and settle in quickly.

For me that means commuting about 5 hours now to get to work. Taking the train, driving or a flight. I think that will be challenging, however I love my job and couldn’t imagine quitting it. Therefore I am already looking into flying part time next year. Luckily there are a lot of options for us.

I will miss flying around the world as often as I do now, but hey. More time at home means more time writing for the blog, hobbies and being a little bit less jetlagged.

I am boarding my flight to Amsterdam now, from where I will head straight to our new apartment in Rotterdam.

Time to start a new chapter.

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  1. Grace at 7:10 pm

    Wow, that is amazing how you just got up and left! Well, not really but you see the point haha. I love how your spirit is so free and it is very refreshing every time I read your posts! Good luck on your next journey in life!

    Grace ♥


  2. Sunam at 5:45 pm

    Hey Katrin,

    I visited Netherlands in May… out of which your love lock bridge in Amsterdam was one of the sight I visited after reading your blogs… I would really like to get in touch with you please please please please. I wanna share my story. I wish you’d write back to me.

    Sunam Sarkar

  3. Charissa at 9:39 pm

    Hi! Never commented before, but ive been following you quite some time now… I’m Dutch, living in Holland, a blogger (and vlogger) and a flight attendant as well maken us a bit a like. 🙂 wanted to congratulate you!!! And gave you a warm welcome in the Netherlands. You should apply for a job at my employee for sure!!! Once you speak Dutch 🙂 the big blue one I mean. Anyhow keep up the good work, you inspire me!

    • Katrin Tochtermann Author at 11:14 am

      Hey Charissa, how awesome that yo u are also a flight attendant blogger. I thin we have so many nice stories through our job, so why not share them right? 😉 Would be great to meet up 🙂 I am very excited to be here in Holland now and if there is ever a job opening for the big blue airline, I am definitely applying 😛

  4. Marcela Ferrario at 3:59 pm

    OMG! I remember meeting you on the little boat to Perhentian Island, you had plans that never occured and were feeling sad about that. And now look at you! I am glad you are this happy. All the best on this new adventure. Hugs from Argentina, Marcela.

    • Katrin Tochtermann Author at 11:36 am

      Marcela, so happy to hear from you. Funny how things turn out sometimes. Everything happens for a reason I guess. I am planning to go to Buenos Aires for a Spanish course either this or next year. Would be cool if we could meet up.

  5. Henar at 7:55 am

    Best of luck in Rotterdam! It’s a wonderful city! Life’s ways are mysterious but always so worth it. Btw how come 5 hour commute to work?

    P.s. really nice meeting you yesterday 🙂 hope you catch your flight alright!

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