Enjoying a Turkish coffee

Enjoying a Turkish coffee

 “Coffee should be black as Hell, strong as death and sweet as love.”
A coffee break means taking a rest from stressful everyday life and just holding on for a couple of minutes to refuel on energy. Holding a cup of this warm, brown beverage and just being able to calm down.
Lots of people need their daily coffee in the morning to get ready for the challenges of the day. Having a coffee can mean, having some private minutes for ourselves or often, we share a good coffee and the newest stories with a couple of friends. We are sitting in a café and catching up over this beverage with our loved ones. In big companies you might have a coffee break on your daily schedule and that’s often the time when big ideas are created and discussed, maybe leading to new campaigns, products or new inventions. In our hectic life’s and since everything in the world has to become more efficient and especially faster, there is no time left for a coffee break. No wonder why the ‘coffee to go’ or coffee shops like ‘Starbucks’ and ‘Coffee Costa’ are so successful. They are pretty much everywhere and sell overpriced drinks and snacks and they make millions and millions with that concept. A lot of small, independent coffee shops (with a lot more charm) can’t sustain next to those giants and disappear.
Some people need their daily coffee like every creature on the earth needs air to breathe, and since they don’t want to waste time to sit down and waste some of their precious time, they are running around with a big plastic cup in one hand (“venti, non-fat, caramel, soy macchiato, with extra foam and sweetener, please.  And hurry up; I have a meeting to attend.”)  And in their other hand they are holding their brand new, fancy mobile phone. So no wonder that the real, coffee culture is dying out.
In earlier times, the coffee houses were really established and coffee and tea were luxury goods. People would sit there for hours and discuss current events, politics and literature. But who has time for that nowadays? People just don’t find the time for that anymore. We are constantly running around (being obviously really busy and super important) and then survive the day only with pills, coffee or energy drinks. It is really no surprise that in effect; todays generations suffer from burn out syndrome.
Only a few countries could sustain their traditional coffee culture. One of them is Italy, great inventor of cappuccino, latte macchiato, and espresso or café crema. And seriously, after you had your first cappuccino in Italy:  a creamy, delicious little cup of coffee that is made of the best coffee beans, you will never have one at Starbucks afterwards. In Italy, generations still come together and discuss over their cups and cups of coffee. And one thing is for sure: Italians know how to live la dolce vita better than anyone else. And are for sure happier and less stressed out.
I was very happy to find a lot of cute, little cafés in Turkey. They are having small, nice looking tables and very small chairs outside on the streets and you can choose between very strong, black coffee or chai (Turkish, black tea). Both of them are served with water on the side and lots of sugar. I am pretty sure that you are able to order a shisha in those cafés as well.
In those small, charming street cafés, a coffee break is still very relaxing and if you are lucky you can find one in a calm, shady street and after a long day of walking in hectic, hot Istanbul, sitting there purely feels like heaven on earth.  You just hope you could stay there forever. It is a little getaway from the stressful day and you drink your coffee slowly and enjoy sip after sip to the fullest without any rush. And after you continue your day, you are full of energy and happy…
… And that is exactly how a coffee break should be.

Colourful, little coffee tables in one of the hiden streets away from the crowd. I got lost and was so lucky to discover one of those places.

Strong, black coffee served in such nice cups. Who wants to have a coffee to go, if you can have that.

For the once that like tea better. Called chai in Turkish. 

That is how it was brought to our table.

Where they make their coffee.

 Well, and that is me being totally relaxed and full of energy now.
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