Experience New York City like a local by renting a MySuites apartment

Experience New York City like a local by renting a MySuites apartment

There is something special about New York City, a place that keeps on inspiring artists, musicians and writers to be creative. New York is a city that one must have experienced at least once in their lifes.

Since the series Sex and the City every girl among us must have wondered how it would be like to be Carrie: sitting in their own Manhattan apartment writing during the day and enjoying the huzzle and buzzle of New York at night.

Who doesn’t want to experience the Big Apple like a local. I can recommend you to swap your hotel for one of the gorgeous apartments from MySuites. Located very central in some of the nicest, trendiest neighborhoods of the city you can enjoy to live like a proper New Yorker and enjoy the comforts of your own place during your stay.

The MySuites experience


When planning my trip to New York with two friends I was looking for places to stay in New York and since I like to experience a place in a genuine way and get to know local neighborhoods, I was very happy that I found MySuites on the Internet. They offer fully equipped suite apartments with kitchen and bathroom that can accomodate up to four people.

The apartments are located in the trendy areas of West Village, Meatpacking District and Chelsea. Those districts are very popular and there is a lot going on- giving you a perfect taste of the city.

Especially traveling with a group this is the perfect solution to have privacy and be able to hang out together. However I would also book it again being on my own or with my partner.

The Standard Suite, which we were lucky to call our home for 48 hours, was located in the hip Meatpacking District, just a short walk away from the High Line. It is very close to the subway stop 8th Avenue that can be reached with all the major subway lines.

Prior to our arrival I got a text from MySuites checking on my arrival time and they told me the address and the time when I was able to meet them to collect my keys. The whole process was very quick and easy and after they showed me the apartment I finally had the keys in my hand to my own Manhattan apartment- at least for the next 48 hours.

The Standard Suite is very spacious, especially for New York standards, it is modern and cozy featuring one of a kind design pieces by hip upcoming designers. It consists of a separate bedroom,  an open living area with a couch, work desk, TV, bookshelf and vanity table. It was joined with a kitchen/bar area that is fully equipped with microwave, stove, fridge and all the kitchen utensils you might need during your stay. This makes it very easy to be catering for yourself during your stay or if you want to check out some restaurants- there is also many options. Right next to us we had a 24 hour Deli and lots of other shops and restaurants.

Getting to sights and places of interest was very easy and every time we looked something up, we actually were very surprised how close everything was and how easy it was getting there. Most things were just a short subway ride away or even in walking distance.

If you want take your New York experience to the highest level you should try the luxury services ‘Made to Order’ that are available on request from MySuites such as concierge, driver, personal shopper or even private dinners prepared for you in the suites.

During our stay we really made ourselves at home, stocking up the fridge and putting our things in the closet and we had a lot of fun exploring our neighborhood.

Staying in an apartment is by far way nicer than staying in a hotel room. It was more homely and comfortable just to hang out and I have to say when it was time to return our keys we were really sad to leave and would definitely choose to stay in one of the MySuites apartments again.

I am interested: Do you prefer staying in an apartment or a hotel? Let me know in a comment below.

To book with MySuites check: http://mysuites.net







Traveler’s Little Treasures was a guest of MySuites, however my opinion is as always my own.


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