How to Make Instant Connections with People on Your Travel

How to Make Instant Connections with People on Your Travel

Travelling is an invigorating and life-changing experience, with so many wonderful places to go and people to meet.

Sometimes though, it can be hard to meet new people, especially if you’re not used to travelling and instigating new conversations. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to help you get to know new people whilst you’re out exploring.

Live Music


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Live music events are a great way to get into the bars and clubs alone and not feel out of place. Standing at a busy bar on your own might see you draw out your phone to while away the time, shutting off a possible route of communication with other people.

If there’s a live music event on, the chances of chatting to new people are much bigger. You’ll focus on the band, but in between sets can initiate conversation about the music, making it a far less daunting prospect for a solo traveller.

Trains and Buses


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Half the fun of travelling is the journey, or so the old saying goes. Whilst it might not be as exciting as finding a new city, you’d be surprised how many like-minded people you can meet on a train or bus.

It might be pot luck who you get seated close to, but travelling across countries you’re likely to meet people with stories to tell and time to tell them. An EU Rail article explains how fleeting conversations can lead to long-lasting memories.

To instantly connect with people, listen to what they have to say and make sure you’re asking all about them as well as the area. You’ll have a new best friend in no time.

Enjoy Local Entertainment


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A great way to meet new people is to do what the locals do; find out what the popular pastimes in a country are and go along and see for yourself.

For instance, if you’re in the United Kingdom, you might want to look for a local bingo hall, something that is a real authentic part of their culture. Foxy Bingo details how the game has been a national institute in the UK since the 1960s and continues to draw in large crowds even to this day.

It’s seen something of a revival in recent years and has even enjoyed a makeover for the new millennium. Dabbers Bingo is listed by Time Out as a great place to go in London for a more contemporary take on the village hall classic.

Outside a Coffee Shop


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You’d be surprised how easy it is to make friends when eating out alone – especially in a new city. The best tactic is to find a cute coffee shop or street café and sit outside, watching the world go by. Every major city in the world has places where you can situate yourself, with our guide to Amsterdam showing you a few in the Dutch capital.

Just watch and wait, say hello to a few people or see who makes eye contact. People are almost always open to new conversations if they have the time and this way you get to see the hustle and bustle with the comfort of a drink in your hand.

Travel App


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If all else fails, why not try a travel app? There is a huge range of apps available to help you make friends while in a new area, whether it be locals wanting to show you their town or like-minded travellers also new to the city.

An article by Stuff suggests there has never been a better time to travel alone thanks to the onset of modern technology, meaning you’re never far away from a new friend or companion.

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