From Seattle to Sacramento: the rich old town

From Seattle to Sacramento: the rich old town

I was in Sacramento for my last vacation and there is a lot about this destination that I found amusing. So amusing was it that I am recommending it to all my friends and family members who are planning vacations. I might have been lucky to have been coming from Seattle which is another great tourist destination. You see, I did not get to spend a lot of time in Seattle but my plane got delayed for a few hours. I honestly thought that this time was going to be spent idling around the airport dozing off on the benches as I waited for my plane to be called for boarding. How wrong could I be?

SeaTac is without a doubt one of the coolest airports I know. If you are looking to tame your hunger pangs, the extensive lineup of restaurants and snack shops will do you some justice. Those who might be interested in some last minute souvenir shopping cam also take advantage of the wide collection here.

I did my own rating of the security guards and personnel at the airport and while the general attitude among many in other airports is stern and indifferent, things are different in SeaTac. As a matter of fact, I only or positive and pleasant responses from those I spoke to – must be a PR thing! Seattle Tacoma International Airport feels like a home away from home. For me, the many charging stations distributed all around the airport came in handy because I needed to recharge my gaming console and iPod to use on my flight to Sacramento.

Sacramento is quite a significant city in the United States because it is the capital of one of the largest states in US. Once you visit though, the historic sites and unforgettable landscapes hook you. What is it about Sacramento that makes it so special?

The breathtaking scenery

I love the backdrop that water has in nature and for me Sacramento is epic. Talk about a city that lies in between the American and Sacramento rivers. Just driving through the city is enough to soak in the goodness of this destination. The rivers are not just meant for viewing because summer opens up the waters to rafting, fishing and kayaking. Other ways in which visitors to Sacramento can benefit from what nature offers here is to go biking, jogging or walking along the American river trail.

The coffee culture

I was shocked at how many individual coffee shops line up the streets of Sacramento without the element of competition. Some are in the business of roasting their own coffee beans while others serve plain cold brews. Most of these coffee houses in Sacramento have been in existence for over a decade and they remain in business because of the unique offerings.

The museums

Sacramento has a rich history of how it was founded and its evolution over time. To catch a glimpse of where Sacramento has been, you better visit one of the many museums there. Actually, visit them all because from each is a different story of this city and its people. In the California State Capitol Museum, visitors are treated to in depth education on the laws. Right close by is the California State Railroad Museum that features trains and rail tracks that date as far back as the 1860s. Did you know that such old trains can still move? Well, I have been in one of those train rides which the museum organizes for guests. For car lovers like myself, the showstopper in this museum scene is the California Automobile Museum that is home to more than 150 vintage model cars – some are over 120 years old.

The art space

Art is an expression of the soul and there are thosewho can connect to the souls of other people; art work can be rather captivating. I have appreciated art since I was really small and while many people would not understand what to look for in a piece of art, I find myself lost in thought for minutes just looking at a single piece. You will understand what I am talking about if you are the same way.  Sacramento is home to the Crocker Art Museum that has been operational for the past 125 years. Within its walls lies some of the most impressive art collections of all time that never get out of style. Those who would rather soak in the energy of contemporary art would feel more at peace at the Verge Center for the Arts.

Do you find yourself swinging to the tune of music tunes you have no idea what they mean? Then you will appreciate the creative music scene of Sacramento. If you plan your timing well, you might even land here when there is a live event happening. Some of the most notable ones are Sacramento Music Festival, Concerts in the Park, Harlow’s, Ace of Spades and Shady Lady Saloon. Going late into the evening, such events brighten the life of visitors trying to enjoy every bit of Sacramento life.

Where is my car?

Travelling is part of taking a vacation and it might just surprise you how much you spend without a proper budget. I prefer to use my vehicle every time and so I find myself using Seattle international airport parking via Parkos quite often. An online parking provider that not only cuts down on the costs of airport parking, Parkos also guarantees the safety of your vehicle when you are away. With this platform, parking at the airport is cheap, safe and convenient because the vetting of possible parking lots has already been done for you. You see, all parking facilities listed on the Parkos platform have conformed to the safety and structural standards of what they offer to their clients.

If you book early for Seattle airport parking, you stand to benefit from the numerous early bird offers and discounts. Are you worried that you might be late for your flight and have no time to park the vehicle? I have used valet parking on quite a few occasions and while giving your car to a third party even for parking alone can be quite scary, the experience was just perfect.

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