Where to see the most beautiful sunset in Istanbul

Where to see the most beautiful sunset in Istanbul

When we are trying to picture the perfect sunset, we are all having that picture of a lovely pink sunset on a tropical island. The sunis  touching the sea, we are holding a cool drink in our hand and the whole scene is framed by palm trees on the beach.

I don’t know about you guys, but that is what comes to my mind when I try to picture a sunset. And I am sure that one amongst you pictures it the same way as I do.
And that is why I personally was so surprised to see one of the most beautiful sunset in my life from that little tower in Istanbul, overlooking the city. The Galata Tower. The colours of the sunset were just breathtaking and I have never seen such an orange sunset before. This was one of the moments when I fell in love with that city. Not only the sunset, but also the view is breathtaking.

View from that tower.

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