Where am I going to go on holiday? My travel plans for November/December 2015

Where am I going to go on holiday? My travel plans for November/December 2015

Some asked me why do you need to go on holiday if you are a flight attendant and travel the world through your job? I love the fact that once the aircraft has touched down, I get to step out in an exotic destination that I sometimes get to explore for 24 hours, 3 days or sometimes even for a whole week (yeah that happens! But it is the exception 🙂 )

However sometimes you are jet lagged, need to rest for the return flight, don’t manage to go out of the hotel to explore- therefore I cherish the moments when I can truly travel the world during my vacation time. I love to plan for that, choose from a long list of places I want to see in the world and then finally fly there as a passenger, relax, not to worry about things and then at the destination do whatever I want to do, meet new people and explore the country and culture fully.

For my upcoming holiday I did a lot of planning. I would have loved to backpack through South America or India, which I am surely going to do soon, but the past months have been quite stressful and hectic. Therefore I didn’t want to move around that much, spend some time at a beach and recharge my batteries.

To get to my final destination my first stop will be: Singapore

Singapore has been my first ever country that I visited in Asia. A few years ago I took a job in a resort in Malaysia and first flew to Singapore. I know that people having mixed feelings about that city state. Some say it doesn’t has a true soul and is to business orientated. For someone who hasn’t been to South East Asia before it is a great gateway: I liked the food, strolling around Chinatown, I was fascinated by this modern city and I have to say I felt perfectly safe traveling solo. While living in Malaysia I returned a few times to go shopping and to meet friends.

On this trip I am looking forward to spend a few days in Singapore again. I want to discover the non-touristy places of Singapore, eat at the hawker stalls and I am definitely going to the Botanical Garden that I missed on my last visits.

After that I am flying to Bali, known as the Islands of Gods

I have been looking forward to see more of Bali and it surrounding islands for a long time. It won’t be my first time as I traveled to Bali with my mum. She was visiting me in Asia when I was still working there and I planned a surprise trip to Bali for her. We only spent 5 days on the island and had a tour guide who took us to the hotspots.

This time I am going to stay a little bit longer than two weeks. I want to discover Bali for myself, ride around on a scooter and see more of the beautiful country and talk to the locals. I want to visit temples, swim in the sea, climb some mountains.

First I am going to stay in Ubud and I can’t wait to wake up to the view of the rice paddies.  Next I will spend a couple of days in a Surf-Bike-Yoga Retreat in Canggu where I can’t wait to meet fellow travelers and try the activities there.

Then we will spend a few days on the Gili Islands and can’t wait to snorkel, swim and relax. I have been carrying a book around with me for months and can’t wait to finally have the time to read it.

After that the plan is to move around Bali a bit and discover different spots of the island. A few nights we are going to sleep in our own private villa with pool.

This holiday might not be the ultimate adventure, but it was time to truly take some time off and relax. And hey, I am happy that I won’t be traveling solo this time. I have someone with me with whom I am discovering Bali together.

Do you have any recommendations for Singapore or Bali? I am happy for some tips on what to see, where to go, what to eat etc. 🙂

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  1. Jamie at 12:50 am

    I think Singapore it is such a cool city, I had the same experience as you did, the first time I travelled big my friend picked me up from Hong Kong, then to Guangzhou (he lived there) then a couple of hours later we started backpacking and our first stop was Singapore I loved that city and I would love to go back! by the way I loved your blog I follow you on snapchat, ig and facebook I am a huge fan love from Austin, TX xox

    • Katrin Tochtermann Author at 11:45 pm

      Thanks for sharing your story. So edited that someone is following from Austin. Next year my airline is flying to Austin directly from Frankfurt and I can’t wait to explore Texas.

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