Travel Tips: How to survive a long haul flight

Travel Tips: How to survive a long haul flight

Flying can be a wonderful thing. You take off at your home airport and in a matter of a few hours when you touch down and leave the airport you can find yourself in a completely new environment. The reality is that flying can also be very stressful. Sitting in a packed aircraft for hours, not being able to move or sleep much and then being jet lagged at the final destination can be exhausting.

A few small changes can already make a big difference. Preparation is THE KEY.

1. Arrive at the airport in time

Nothing is worse than arriving just shortly before the check in counter closes. We think it saves us waiting time at the gate but in fact it is just stressful. I always plan to arrive an hour earlier than I have to and rather spend the time walking through the shops or to sit down and have a coffee before boarding. So many things can go wrong: traffic jam, long queues at the check-in or security control and long ways in the airport. Arriving early gives you a sichrheitspolster and you avoid arriving at your gate being really exhausted.

2. Check your hand luggage

Every one knows by know that liquids are no longer allowed and bottles up to 100 ml have to be stored away in a sealed bag. How often did I got pulled out at the security control just because I forgot to take my foundation out of my make-up bag or had a small perfume lying around in my handbag. Have your laptop out and your sealed bag ready once you get to the security check, wear a comfortable outfit and you will be down with check in a few minutes giving you more time to shop at the Duty Free 😉

3. Pack the right items

Items which are always in my hand luggage are a neck pillow (get one which you can inflate to save space in your luggage), a hot water bottle, a cardigan, make-up remover, hand and facial cream, some healthy snacks and a good book. An empty water bottle is also always great so that you can fill up at the airport or ask the cabin crew to fill it up for you during the flight.

Small things can make such a big difference when it comes to comfort on board.

4. Drink a lot (of the right things)

Drinking a lot is very important on a long flight to feel fresh after a long flight. Avoid soda drinks, alcohol and caffeine as the dehydrate the body even more. A nice glass of wine sounds tempting but the better choice is definitely water mixed with a little bit of juice.

5. Try to get some sleep

Watch one or two movies and then try to get some sleep. Noise canceling headphones and a sleeping mask should help to get a little bit of rest. Stay away from sleeping pills and if necessary only take natural ones.

6. Get up and move a little bit

Bewung during a long flight is essential. When the inflight service is finished (!) get up and move a around little bit to avoid swollen legs. Walk around, stretch, come to the galley and chat with the crew.

7. Be nice to your crew

Be nice to the flight crew. It does sound silly to remind you to say hello, goodbye, thank you and please. But hearing those words on board as well as people who say an entire sentence when they order is the exception to the rule. Unfortunately! Try to smile, be nice and I am sure if you ask for extra food or drink your crew is more willing to go the extra mile. It is not common and definitely not a must but we also do like sweets and are very happy when someone brings a little thank you 🙂

8. Avoiding jetlag

When you arrive at your destination don’t go straight to bed. Try to stay in the time zone, go to bed when it gets dark and set an alarm in the morning. If you stick with the local time from the minute you get there you will avoid jet lag completely or beat the jet lag just in a matter of a few days.

And now that you are ready for take off, enjoy your next flight.


Let me know in the comments below: Where does your next flight takes you?

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